Kieran Brogle
Financial Planner
Golden West Financial Services. Suite 3B, 27 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland WA 6056

Providing every day people with options and solutions to assist their wealth creation and wealth protection goals.

What's your idea of Financial Freedom?

& Memberships

  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons)

Areas of

Strategic Planning
Wealth creation

I have been involved with the financial services industry since January 2018 after having previously worked as a chemical engineer. I believe the value in financial advice is positioning yourself to reduce financial stresses and give yourself the options to live the life you want. I want to work closely with clients to help work towards client’s personal financial goals and avoid the traps and pitfalls associated with personal finance.

Kieran's ideas of Financial Freedom

Having money provides choices. Money is not the end goal it is a tool you can use to create the life and lifestyle that you want. My personal money goals are to accumulate a small investment fund to provide financial stability and long term growth while saving for a house. As I get older my goals will likely change and its important to position yourself to have the opportunity to explore new goals and ideas.