Zachary Sanders
Financial Planner

Being available as a mentor and providing every day people with financial knowledge and options.

What's your idea of Financial Freedom?

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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)

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I believe the value in financial planning is found through addressing inter-generational issues and putting in place strategies that take care of people’s families from a financial and legacy stand point.
A big part of financial planning is developing strong relationships, which is what motivates me above all else.
Being a young planner, I hope to inform those of Gen X and Y into financial freedom and encourage the discipline to achieve their goals.

Zac's ideas of Financial Freedom

What we say here is that money provides you with the choices and options. Money cannot be the motivating factor.
My targets are constantly changing as I grow. For the moment, it’s building up savings to get into my first home for my own freedom.
In time, I expect travelling will be high on the agenda.