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Richard Lovell
Principal Adviser
Leedam Sheppard & Associates. Level 1, 110 King William Road, Goodwood, SA, 5034

Through strategic, collaborative and proactive planning, my aim is to create favourable financial outcomes for my clients, replacing financial anxiety with financial confidence.

What's your idea of Financial Freedom?

& Memberships

  • Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP)
  • Bachelor of Commerce with a major in corporate finance
  • Diploma of Financial Planning

Areas of

Self Managed Super Fund

Richard is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in corporate finance as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning.  Richard has been a financial adviser since 2002. Before this he spent 3 years as an associate financial adviser.

Richard develops tax-effective wealth creation strategies with his clients. He also advises on direct equity model portfolios, self managed superannuation, redundancy, personal insurance and corporate insurance, and superannuation.

Richard is committed to ongoing professional and technical development.

He covers all facets of financial advice with individuals and corporate clients. Richard delivers this through high level strategic advice and disciplined portfolio construction and review methodology.

Richard is a motorsport enthusiast, enjoys golf and likes an occasional game of tennis.

Richard's ideas of Financial Freedom

To me, financial freedom means having decisions around the lifestyle, education and well-being of my family driven by my heart and not dictated by my finances.  A classic 1970’s Porsche in the garage would also be very welcome.