Why we ask “What’s your idea of Financial Freedom?”

We believe our kind of passion is a rare quality in the conservative and corporate world of wealth management. We partner with our clients for the long term, offering a unique and personalised experience that’s tailored to their needs and financial dreams. It’s only when we fully understand an individual client’s idea of Financial Freedom that we can help them create the life they really want to live.

What makes Hillross work better for you?

We know that our clients work hard for their wealth. What’s more, we want them to think about precisely what they truly want from life. That way, we can put their money to work in order to help achieve those aspirations. This starting point sets us apart. While there’s a lot of noise in financial planning around ‘wealth creation’, there’s not much discussion as to why. Once you know ‘why’, Hillross has the know-how to help you get there.

Three ways to help you get there.

The financial success of our clients is not only proof of our abilities as wealth managers, it brings us all a lot of satisfaction. Indeed, to be able to enable Financial Freedom leaves us with enormous pride.

Our purpose: To help people achieve their idea of Financial Freedom.

A bit more about us

Forging strong, personal, professional relationships.

We put our clients first. The service we provide is always personal and firmly focused on the needs of each individual client. No matter what the size of your financial need is, we will work through a structured process to ensure you get the right solution and can make an informed choice.

Clear communication and transparency.

Financial advice can be complex. That’s why our communication is always clear and transparent. Clarity means you can make more informed decisions. We also provide educational information as much as possible and take the time to talk you through any complex strategies or issues. When it comes to our clients, the lines of communication are always open. We are up front with the cost of our services and provide a range of payment options, which includes payment through the investment platforms. All this is outlined when we first meet prospective clients. That way, you’ll get no surprises.

Quality advice. Superior services.

A number of our Hillross advisers are Certified Financial Planners (CFP®).

Although we operate autonomously, Hillross is fully owned by AMP and as such, can tap into a wide range of market-leading research and investment advice. With our own management and board, we combine the authority of a national brand with the flexibility of a specialist.

We can also gain access to a number of Australia’s leading experts in the fields of tax, investment, direct shares, wealth protection, property and superannuation to ensure superior advice for every one of our clients. We also gain access to the latest research, so we’re always in touch with the most current trends.